Before you start using the client, make sure you have a valid access token. If you don’t have one yet, see Authentication for details.

The first step is to initialize the client with your access token:

from kiefer.client import KieferClient

client = KieferClient('YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN')

The client provides endpoints for these event types:

  • band events
  • body events
  • heart rate
  • custom events
  • goals
  • meals
  • moods
  • moves
  • settings
  • sleeps
  • time zone
  • user information
  • workouts


kiefer supports most of the endpoints provided by the Jawbone UP API. The usage is straight forward:

# Get information about authorized user

# Add a new body event (weight)
client.add_body_event(title='New body event', weight=85.0, body_fat=22.5, share=True)

# Delete a sleep event

# Some endpoints support updates as well, e.g. workouts:
client.update_workout('workout_id', calories=500)

For a full list of supported endpoints, please refer to the API Reference.

Why do I get an authorization_error?

You only can use endpoints that are covered by the scope of your access token. If you need more rights, change your scopes accordingly and request a new access token.